Inventory Update - 8.14.2023

KNC Keys LLC Inventory Update 14 August 2023

Mid-Month Inventory Update | 14-August-2023


I hope everyone has had a great month thus far. It's been approximately two to three weeks since our last inventory update, and fortunately, there haven't been any major issues.

Green Jacket switches had just been received, but due to our bag manufacturer having a slight delay in production, we will not ship out any Green Jacket pre-orders until we get those in. We should have those by the end of next week. If you would like to have the switches shipped out to you sooner in the older bags, you can email us at or join our Discord server and open up a ticket.

Please scroll down a bit to get the latest information. 

Kahlil Nguyen-Clark The KNC Keys Team

Newly Stocked Items:

Current Pre-Orders: All pre-order items are discounted.

Recent Restocks:
In Transit/Unloading:
  • Modernized Green Jacket Bags
KNC Keys Green Jacket Product Bag

Coming Soon:

Newest Sales:

After fulfilling all pre-orders, there will be a temporary halt in releasing new products. Our upcoming objective, and potentially the most significant product yet, is to launch the Geim 65 by the end of this year!

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