Back view of Loki 65 Keyboard Top view of Loki 65 Keyboard

Loki65 Keyboard

Full-CNC Polycarbonate. 65% Keyboard. Multiple mounting-styles.
KeyKobo Nori Beige Alt Latin Alpha Kit mounted on keyboard KeyKobo Nori Beige Alt Alpha Kit mounted on Geim65 keyboard

Key Kobo

A seaweed inspired keycap set. GB live from 9/5 until 10/5.

Red Jacket V1 Redux

They are back, and better than ever! The OG Red Jacket gets a reboot.
Close up of Green Geim 65 Keyboard Front view of Green Geim65 Keyboard with mirror accents


We bring forth our first keyboard, bolstering three mounting styles to accompany our Jacket-Themed switches!
Pref3.JPG__PID:142e0eca-fe23-4504-b6a6-e073131d4932 Pref3.JPG__PID:142e0eca-fe23-4504-b6a6-e073131d4932

Preference Switch

Hand-lubed, standard travel but a more full-sounding Cherry switch.
KeyKobo Ashen Keycap Set mounted on keyboard

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