Inventory & Store Update - March 2024

Mid-Month Inventory Update | March 2024


Oh no! We skipped a month! February was a rather slow month for us anyways. But, we do have some things brewing for you all. First and foremost, let us welcome TheKeyCircle to the team! He has taken over as the Social Media Coordinator here at KNC Keys. He will become an active member within the Discord server as well. So hop on in and say hello! 

KKB Nori should be done with production within 7 days! 

Please scroll down a bit to get the latest and greatest information. *There has been another Geim update as well.

Kahlil Nguyen-Clark The KNC Keys Team

Newly Stocked Items:

Current Pre-Orders/Group-Buys: All PO/GB items are discounted.

  • KKB Nori - Taking pre-orders for these now at a discounted price. Price will rise as soon as we receive them in warehouse.
Recent Restocks:
In Transit/Unloading:
  • Run Deskmat - New SG themed deskmat coming soon.
  • CTS Deskmat - Another SG themed deskmat, in three different color variations.
  • Transit Deskmat - It has been a long while since we last stocked the Transit Deskmat. Our hottest selling deskmat to date.

Coming Soon:

  • Key Kobo Ashen Keycap Set - May be a Dye-Sub set. Still undecided as to what we want to do with this set.
  • Tempeh Linear Switches
    • This will be a follow-up to the Tofu switches. It will feature an improved and refined PA666 housing with no issues the original Tofu had, such as tight plate fitment. 
    • The biggest difference will be stem! It will feature a metal pole.
    • Samples have been sent out. Expect a typing test within the next couple of weeks.
  • Geim 65 Keyboard 
    • First Prototype received
      • Lacks the following
        • No top mount screw holes
        • No engravings
        • Sharp edges & corners
        • No side forcebreak cut outs
    • Second Prototype received (Red - Nov 2023)
      • Issues
        • Damaged during transit. Suffered several scratches
        • Top mount is not compatible with the ball-latch design without the use of handles. The workaround is switching from top mount to pin/bottom mount.
      • Third Prototype received
        • Differences
          • Pin/Bottom Mount (Still O-Ring & Gasket Mount Compatible)
          • Green
        • Issues
          • The manufacturer did not produce an additional waffle weight and the aluminum pieces that fit in between the outer weight.
      • Production has commenced for 50 units! 
      • Production was halted as we needed to fix a few things.
      • Fourth Prototype is being produced and will feature the following changes:
        • 2 additional gasket points under the spacebar area. Should even out the typing experience.
        • Tightened up some of the tolerance between the gasket area as well as the addition bowl force break points.
        • Reduced the bowl forcebreak points to two locations from three to make room for the two additional gaskets.
        • Added additional forcebreak locations between the top and bottom case walls, waffle weight and accent piece. There is hollowness without it when testing with an alu plate. Forcebreaking the waffle weight stopped any/all hollowness found in our tests.
        • Changed the insert circle for plastic plates, allowing the bowl to easily be inserted for pin mounting.

    *Red text indicates the latest update in regards to the Geim65.

    Newest Sales:

    • Cherry MX Hyperglide Browns have been discounted to make way for the new MX2A Browns.

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