Inventory & Store Update - January 2024

Mid-Month Inventory Update | January 2024


New Year, another update! Nothing crazy has happened from December until now. We have made progress on the Geim65. We finally published the Interest Check on GeekHack and are seeing quite a bit of interest in the keyboard so far. The purpose of this post was to see if we would potentially do a R2. If we receive enough interest and feedback we could offer a better price at a higher quantity. R1 is still slated for completion within 2-3 months. There will be a pre-order for half of the 50 units right before they ship out to us. Meaning there should be about a 2-3 week turnaround depending on transit

Please scroll down a bit to get the latest and greatest information. 

Kahlil Nguyen-Clark The KNC Keys Team

Newly Stocked Items:

Current Pre-Orders/Group-Buys: All PO/GB items are discounted.

Recent Restocks:
  • Knight Stabilizers - We will try and keep this stocked and are on our third restock in less than 2 months.
  • JWICK Black - These have been OOS for a while now. But they are back! We are once again a one-stop-shop for BCPs!
  • Krytox in a Syringe
In Transit/Unloading:

Coming Soon:

  • Key Kobo Ashen Keycap Set - May be a Dye-Sub set
  • Tempeh Linear Switches
    • This will be a follow-up to the Tofu switches. It will feature an improved and refined PA666 housing with no issues the original Tofu had, such as tight plate fitment. 
    • The biggest difference will be stem! It will feature a metal pole.
  • Geim 65 Keyboard 
    • First Prototype received
      • Lacks the following
        • No top mount screw holes
        • No engravings
        • Sharp edges & corners
        • No side forcebreak cut outs
    • Second Prototype received (Red - Nov 2023)
      • Issues
        • Damaged during transit. Suffered several scratches
        • Top mount is not compatible with the ball-latch design without the use of handles. The workaround is switching from top mount to pin/bottom mount.
      • Third Prototype received
        • Differences
          • Pin/Bottom Mount (Still O-Ring & Gasket Mount Compatible)
          • Green
        • Issues
          • The manufacturer did not produce an additional waffle weight and the aluminum pieces that fit in between the outer weight.
      • Production has commenced for 50 units! 

    We should have some Geim Typing Tests out shortly after the New Year. Stay tuned!

    Newest Sales:

    • Weekly Deep Discount this week belongs to our Laundromat Deskmat @ 50% off - $12.50 per mat (This will end tomorrow 1/23, so act fast!). In its place, Crinkle Cookie Switches will be marked down 38%.
    • Bundles! Save up to 15% off select bundled goods!
      • You will also find a BCP bundle, where you can save up to 10% off all items needed to build BCPs and even the service needed for us to assemble and lube/film them for you.

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