Inventory & Store Update - December 2023

Mid-Month Inventory Update | December 2023


It has been quite a long time since I last did something like this. My wife and I have had our third child since the last time I published anything. However, I would like to continue doing this, but to make it more feasible, I have decided to publish only once a month. In my last announcement, I said we would take it slow with putting out products. We want to focus on larger and more meaningful products. The Geim65 will be our next and most significant in-stock drop. We are just waiting on an additional sample unit. Additionally, the Loki GB did not do as well as we hoped. But DDS was able to cut us some slack. They purchased all the materials required to make up to 150 boards. We only sold a little over 50... They were kind enough to honor the quote they gave us initially and have proceeded to make what we have sold. That should be ready to ship out in the next 3-4 months. Lastly, Keykobo told us last week that KKB Nori will be complete in February. 

Please scroll down a bit to get the latest and greatest information. 

Kahlil Nguyen-Clark The KNC Keys Team

Newly Stocked Items:

Current Pre-Orders/Group-Buys: All PO/GB items are discounted.

Recent Restocks:
In Transit/Unloading:
  • Knight Stabilizers
  • TX Stabilizers
  • TX Switch Films
  • Clackbits R2 - Restocking on 12.27.23
  • 2nd Anniversary T-Shirts

Coming Soon:

  • Key Kobo Ashen Keycap Set - May be a Dye-Sub set
  • Geim 65 Keyboard 
    • First Prototype received
      • Lacks the following
        • No top mount screw holes
        • No engravings
        • Sharp edges & corners
        • No side forcebreak cut outs
    • Second Prototype received (Red - Nov 2023)
      • Issues
        • Damaged during transit. Suffered several scratches
        • Top mount is not compatible with the ball-latch design without the use of handles. The workaround is switching from top mount to pin/bottom mount.
      • Third Prototype In-Transit 
        • Differences
          • Pin/Bottom Mount (Still O-Ring & Gasket Mount Compatible)
          • Green

    We should have some Geim Typing Tests out shortly after the New Year. Stay tuned!

    Newest Sales:

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