Inventory & Store Update - 9.14.2023

Mid-Month Inventory Update | 14-September-2023


Happy back to school month! I hope everyone is able to adjust to the chaos that is school and the traffic that it brings as well.

Get ready for something special! We have an exciting group buy coming up for the Loki65. This stunning keyboard has been highly anticipated, and we're excited to bring it to our community. Mech & Co was the initial Group Buy runner of the board in the US. I will have a blog post out by tomorrow explaining the situation as a whole, so keep on the look out!

Scroll down some for the Geim65 news!

Please scroll down a bit to get the latest and greatest information. 

Kahlil Nguyen-Clark The KNC Keys Team

Newly Stocked Items:

Current Pre-Orders/Group-Buys: All PO/GB items are discounted.

Recent Restocks:
In Transit/Unloading:
  • Black GEON Films

Coming Soon:

We are still waiting on the silicone molds, which should be in by Monday. Once received, please expect some typing tests. 

Newest Sales:

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