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Switch Lubing & Modifications

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Switch lubing will create a smoother typing experience by eliminating scratchiness and greatly improves the sound.
Please change quantity to the amount of switches needing to be lubed/filmed.
  • Using our lube: $0.30 / switch
  • Using your lube: $0.25 / switch
  • Using films provided by us: $0.15 / switch
  • Using films provided by you: $0.10 / switch
  • Spring swap: $0.05 / pair of switches
  • Stem swap: $0.05 / pair of switches
  • Switch Break-In: $0.29 / switcH

We ship orders within 0-48 hours.

Please add Route Insurance to all orders using USPS First Class as this will insure your package! We are not responsible for any lost/damage in transit.

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