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Loob-3G is a high-performance PTFE grease lubricant. Best used for both tactile & linear switches!


  • Grease Lubricant
  • Recommended Usage:
    • Tactile & Linear Switches
  • Available Size(s):
    • 15mL

Enough for hundreds of switches! Please apply a rice grain-sized bead to bottom-housing rails. Works well for donut-dipping springs as well.

Backstory and details: It’s a lube concocted by Gazzew which is intended to lube both linear and tactile switches. His intent was to speed up the process of lubing switches by only lubing the rails and springs. The viscosity is similar to 3203 and is very forgiving when compared to 205g0. The lube consists of EM-30L and is THINNED with PAO oil by yours truly.

*Results may vary*

Warning (Disclaimer): Loob-3G Lubricant cannot be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many solvents. Please wear gloves and place a protective layer over your working surface and clean spills with a microfiber cloth.

KNC keys LLC and any affiliated persons are not responsible for any damages which may occur. Loob-3G is intended for industrial use only.

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