KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC
KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC
KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC
KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC
KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC
KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches - KNC Keys LLC

KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches

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Switches come with an invitational card (second variant), a GJ sticker, and a custom-themed bag.

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  • Quantity of 18: $0.60 per switch (packs of 2 or less are shipped in smaller non-themed branded bags.)

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KNC Keys Green Jacket Switches Feature:

  • Type: Linear/Tactile
  • Mounting Type: PCB Mount (5-pin)
  • Materials
    • Top: HPE
    • Bottom: Nylon 
    • Stem:  13.9mm LONG POM Stem
  • Spring: Two-Stage
  • Factory lubed: Light-Factory Lube
  • Manufacturer:  Tecsee
  • 55g Actuation | 63.5g Bottom Out
  • 2.0mm Pre-Travel | 3.1mm Total Travel

    Our first switch, the Red Jacket Linear received lots of love and attention. We wanted to follow up with another switch that would be completely unique to the market. Still following the theme of everyone’s favorite show from 2021, which we shall not name because we want to avoid a C&D. This will be our second of the three switches we have planned in this collection all following this particular theme. Now in LINEAR and TACTILE!
    Why did we choose this material combination? As said on the Red Jacket IC, we want to put out unique products! Don’t you dare tell us that the Red Jacket is not unique! In our opinion, the Red Jacket is most similar to a Cherry MX Black with a Kailh Black stem. That has yet to be found in a non-frankenswitch! 

    Now back to the Green Jacket: Not only is the combination of materials unique but the HPE material is still quite new to the market. It is reinforced UHMWPE, meaning it’s buttttttery smooth as the material tends to be and does not fall prey to the largest con that the Tecsee Diamond’s top housing had. The UHMWPE material was very easy to reshape which is a terrible thing when opening a switch and then struggling to put it back together because the legs are now bent out of shape. We are also the first to use this long of a stem from Tecsee. 13.9mm!!! 

    Why so long? We find that Tecsee’s bottom housing center post-mold is rather long in comparison to JWK. For example, we use JWK bottom housing to shorten the travel distance when making BCPs. You cannot use Tecsee bottom housing because the center post (hole, not sure what the proper term is) is longer and does not allow for that THOCK-y bottom out. Also; Tecsee bottom housing is simply not compatible with other Cherry MX style top housing. Strictly only Tecsee style housing.

       *Speaking from our own experience here, feel free to correct us.

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