Halt on Services & BF/CM Information

Services will be closed from 11/21/21 through 12/28/21 for some much needed vacation time. Lubing/stabilizer tuning may open up during this time, but from Oregon, rather than Texas. Products will remain open as we are still able to fulfill items. But please do expect 1-3 days for items to fulfill. 
Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • All existing affiliate coupons will be set at 7% from 5% off! - From 11/25/21 through 11/29/21 
    • Use "TechKile" to support Kile at TooMuchTech
    • Use "ThocStock" to support ThocStock.com
  • The following products will receive an additional discount:
    • Tecsee Oreo & Ice Grape Switches
      • $0.60 to $0.55 per switch
    • JWICK Switches
      • All pricing will drop an additional $0.01 per switch
    • Durock Stabs
      • All pricing will drop $0.25 per item
    • All Switch Film
      • All pricing will drop $0.50 per item
    • PE Foam Switch Pad
      • $6.75 to $6.00
    • Krytox GPL 105
      • $9.00 to $8.00
Product Update The following items have been added to the store:
Products coming soon:
  • Kelowna’s New Plate Mount Stabs (Light Blue)
  • PFTE Tape to be sold on the store
  • Kelowna Keyboard Cases (60% and 75%/TKL sizes)
  • Switch Tester (2 sizes)
  • Switch Pullers
  • Variety of Tweezers
  • Double Stage Springs 58g, 63.5g and 68g
  • Krytox GPL 205g0
  • Tecsee Purple Panda Tactile Switches
  • Durock Medium Tactile, Pom Linear and Pom Sunflower Tactile Switches
  • Durock Piano Plate Mount Stabilizers
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